Programs & Services

Checking out books and movies is only the start of what you can do @ Berryville Public Library!

We are a full-service library offering materials, resources, programs and services that focus on:


We promote lifelong learning by providing educational opportunities for all ages.

  • School readiness programs
  • Literacy programs for school-age children and young adults
  • STEAM/Making Programs for school-age children and young adults
  • Adult Learning Opportunities
  • Study and Learning Aids


We provide convenient access to a full range of electronic information resources and the technology or assistance needed to utilize these e-resources.

  • Technology
  • E-Resources
  • Assistance


We promote increased earning by providing resources for those looking for employment and those seeking to build job skills or develop professional credentials.

  • Job Application Services
  • Skill Building Resources
  • Professional Development Opportunities


We create community connections by providing inclusive and engaging experiences that spark conversation and encourage civic participation.

  • Social Connections
  • Community Connections


We serve the whole community by providing a welcoming space that reflects the cultures of all parts of our diverse community.

  • Community Hub
  • Diverse Resources

For more information about any of the programs or services we offer, please contact the library. 

We are here to help!