Summer Reading 2023

It’s time for a summer of peace, love, and reading! Join us for some fun games and groovy times all summer long!

Sign up today!

You can sign up any time between May 30 and July 28 at the library.

We have reading challenges for all ages and activity challenges for kids and families!

All challenges are old-fashioned, paper versions this year and available only at the library.

Fun games!

Reading matters no matter what your age! We have challenges for readers and listeners ages 0 to 109.  This summer our reading challenges focus on games you love. Look below to see which one is right for you.

Peace, Love & Hugs: It’s a game of chase! For family readers, ages 6 and under, this challenge is a fun, easy way to keep young children engaged in reading, books, and words.  All you do is count the books anyone reads to your child. For every 12 books, your child will catch a heart, get a hug, and receive a small prize at the library.  The goal is to reach 72 books by July 28.

Peace, Love & Bingo: It’s a race to see who can get the most Bingos for those readers ages 6 to 12! All you have to do is read and count your minutes. For every Bingo you complete, you earn a small prize at the library. The goal is 15 hours by July 28 for those ages 6 to 9, and 25 hours for those ages 9 to 12.

Tournament Play: For teens including those just a few months shy of age 13 who are going to be 7th graders in the fall, it’s a Battle of the Books to determine your BEST READ OF 2023! You choose the size of your tournament bracket by the number of books you challenge yourself to read this summer. We challenge you just to read and let us know how much you read. There will be small rewards waiting for you at the library for every 5 hours of reading you report. Your goal? To read at least 23 hours in the Summer of 23! (Your brain will appreciate it. Trust us!)

Game of Choice: For those 18 and up, you have a choice to play a special Library Lover’s Bingo Edition or conduct your own Battle of the Books to determine your BEST READ OF 2023!  All we really want you to do is lose yourself in a good book for a moment or two this summer. But by tracking your hours and reporting them to the library you are also helping us with our real goal: to nurture a culture of reading for all in our community. 

The more we all read, the better the world will be!

Groovy Times!

Help us spread some peace, love, and good vibes this summer with some special Bingo games! 

Peace, Love & Bingo: Kindness Edition is all about making kindness your superpower this summer! Complete the kindness challenges on the card to get a BINGO! Come to the library to share your good deeds and claim your extra chance to win one of our Peace Prizes.

Peace, Love & Bingo: Groovy Vibes Edition is all about letting the good times roll and exploring what it was like to be a kid back in the 1960s! Complete the groovy vibes challenges on the card to get a BINGO! Bring all those good vibes to the library to claim your extra chance to win one of our Peace Prizes.

Peace, Love & Bingo: Family Edition is your chance to make some special memories with your family. As a family, pick some of the challenges on the card you would enjoy completing together. When you get a BINGO, come to the library to claim a special family prize. There are three levels of family prizes so make it a goal to get 3 BINGOS this summer!

Help us make some groovy memories by attending library programs!

Join us Mondays at 1 PM at the Berryville High School Performing Arts Center for a summer of shows!  Special performers from near and far will be up on stage to entertain, educate, and inspire. All shows last about an hour and are free!  Fun for all ages, but especially for families with kids ages 6 to 12.

Join us Wednesdays at 1 PM at the library for Camp Create! This special two-hour program will be all about making and creating. There will be a different focus each week giving you a chance to explore your talents in all sorts of things like graphic design, toy making, yarn painting, pillow sewing, film making and more! You will go home with something neat each week.  All supplies provided. You just bring you. Best for kids ages 6 and up.

And there’s lots more happening at the library this summer.  Click here to see the full program calendar for June and July.

Remember that for every library program you attend this summer, you will earn a chance to win one of our Peace Prizes!

It’s a summer of peace, love, and fun at the Berryville Library!