Summer Reading 2020: 15,343 hours read!

Posted on August 4, 2020

Thanks so much to all our friends, near and far, who read for Berryville this summer!  We raised $15,343 for the Berryville Building Fund!

Official Tally

For those keeping track, the official count for this year’s Judy G. Western Community Reading Challenge was taken on the morning of Saturday, August 1. We read a total of 920,575 minutes or 15,342.92 hours.  Last year we read just 6,826 hours so that was quite a jump. It was great to see so much reading going on – we think that is the real win for the summer!

Grand Prize Winners

A big shout out goes to all of those under 18 who read for us: 120 youth logged 3,284 hours in just two months this summer!  But there were some who truly went above and beyond and proved they are the true reading wizards among us:

Top Reading Wizard in all of the Land of Berryville: Chris R with 326 hours!

Other very powerful Reading Wizards: Janessa J (155 hours), Elizabeth M (105 hours), Abby M (91 hours), Mason J (60 hours), Jackson T (34 hours).

Fiercest flying monkey in all our Land: Landis W with 170 hours!  She is closely guarded by some pretty fierce flying monkeys in Lainie L (168 hours) and Myla H (80 hours). With an honorable mention to Jada S for being the only teen to write a review of a book she read this summer! (You can check out all the books that were reviewed by fellow community members here.)

Lots of stories filled the heads of these top three listeners: Joe Campbell M (221 books), Allison N (174 books), and Katherine L (138 books).

Adults Rock!

No grand prizes were awarded in the Yellow Brick Road Challenge for those 18 years and older, but we do owe all of you who read for us a real BIG THANK YOU.  Adults certainly did the heavy lifting this summer in terms of paving our way to the gold at the end of the rainbow: 164 adults logged 12,059 hours of reading. $15,000 could not have been possible without your hard work and dedication to this challenge!

Luck of the Draw

For those participating in the activities as well as the reading (i.e. imagining your own stories by writing fantastic titles or wonderful six-word tales), we had some raffles going on.  Each raffle was associated with a specific challenge and winners were selected randomly from all who submitted entries.

A+ Parent Raffle (three $30 Hometown Scoop gift cards):

Emily S, Karie S, April N

Land Far Away Puppet Drawing (Melissa & Doug puppet sets):

Annalea N, Isabelle C, Gavin S

There Lived a Frog Puppet Drawing (Folkmanis animal puppets):

Bryce S, Amelia C, Isabella S

Go to the Show Raffle (three $30 Netflix gift cards):

Nevaeh S, Lainie L, Chloe C

Read On Raffle (three $30 Barnes & Noble gift cards):

Angela D, Pauletta J, Lizette C

We couldn’t have made this happen without a few nice folks!

Thanks again to everyone for all the reading you did this summer! 

Thanks to the family of Judy G. Western for matching our hours with dollars this summer!!

Thanks to the local businesses who donated prizes to keep us all reading: Casey’s, Garner’s Drive In, Hometown Scoop, Berryville KFC, Berryville Pizza Hut, Shaved Ice Paradise, Berryville Sonic, and Berryville Subway. Please support these local businesses when you can! 

What’s next?

More reading challenges, we hope, so don’t lose your Beanstack log-in information.  You can continue to use it to track your family’s reading at any time throughout the year.  We may also have some shorter challenges available this fall and, maybe, next summer we can set our sights on reading 1,000,000 minutes. Wouldn’t that be something?!?

But, for now, we will put Summer Reading 2020 in the books.

Keep reading, Berryville!