Lucky Bunnies Book Order Form

Posted on November 24, 2021

‘Tis the season to be inspired by a little magic, some dancing rabbits, and a very special muffin recipe all wrapped in a story that shows what a little imagination can accomplish.

Front cover of the Seven Lucky Bunnies and the Magic Muffin Dance book

This locally written and beautifully illustrated children’s book tells how seven very different bunnies bonded through the shared goal of raising funds to build a new library for Bunnyville. Although the bunnies did a lot of hard work in the kitchen, they realize in the end they forget to add the most important ingredient . . . or did they?

The book is now on sale at the Berryville Library for $20 with all proceeds supporting the Berryville Library Building Project. If you live further afield and would like to order a copy of our delightful new children’s book, please just download our order form and mail it to us with a check.

This book is the product of three wonderful women who never shared a zip code but always shared lots of love for libraries. Read this article for more of the tale behind the tale!

This is a limited edition so don’t delay. Buy one for the little one in your life today!