July Program Calendar

Posted on July 1, 2021

A wild summer of reading and raising money for our new library is in full swing. Stop by the library to join in some free fun!

July program calendar

Need more information about any of these programs or events? Contact us via phone, Facebook, Instagram, email, or in person.

5,000 down, 10,000 to go!

Over 500 people have signed up for our Tales & Tails reading challenge so far and have logged over 5,000 hours of reading. But with one month to go, we need everyone to kick into super reading mode for us to reach our 15,000-hour goal. 15,000 hours read will mean $15,000 for the Berryville Library Building Fund thanks to the Squires Family!  It is not too late to help. Sign up HERE and read, read, read!

treasure chest filled with gold

Play, craft, make!

We invite you to do more than just read with us this summer. We are going wild for crafts, games, and making of all kinds. There’s something new to try every Monday through Wednesday, 10 AM–2 PM. It is a great way to help your kids explore and find new things that they never knew they just loved to do!

Tarzan swinging

Please note that our programs still must be held outside in the garden at the back of the library as weather permits. Unfortunately, this means that if it is raining the program will be cancelled. If you ever have any questions, just give us a call.

Walk with us!

It will be a race around the world between the tortoises and hares of Berryville! Create your own adventure tale as you walk to raise money for the new library. The Inaugural Berryville Library Storywalk is Saturday, July 31, 8AM-10AM. Registration forms are available at the library or to download HERE. Walkers, volunteers, and sponsors are all needed.  Please help how you can!

The Tortoise and the Hare. Turtle and rabbit racing together to win. Finish line red ribbon. Flat style vector illustration isolated on white background.

Happy summer! Read, craft, play, make, and walk on Berryville!