I’M SUPER CURIOUS National Exhibit is here!

Posted on September 30, 2021

The Berryville and Green Forest public libraries are proud to present

Exhibit Name and Logo

Explore weather, oceanography, animals, the night sky, and outer space! Do some science on your own! Prove you ARE super curious!


The exhibit consists of seven stations. Four are located at the Berryville Library. Three are at the Green Forest Library. To see the entire exhibit you will need to plan a trip to both libraries. But, no worries, there is plenty of time! The exhibit stations will be on display until Monday, November 15.


Berryville Library is proud to host the Critter Cam and Trivia Game kiosks that are part of the national travelling exhibition.

the Critter Cam kiosk at Berryville Library

The Critter Cam features live feeds of animals around the world.  Stop in anytime to see what birds are doing in Sapsucker Woods, catch a glimpse of the shark lagoon at the Aquarium of the Pacific, watch the penguins play at the Kansas City Zoo, or spy on the African animals that gather around a water hole at Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa.

Trivia game kiosk at Berryville Library

The Trivia Game allows one to three players to test their knowledge of the natural world. In this fun and fast-paced game, you have just six questions to prove that you know your stuff.  Some of the questions are tricky!  But there are explanations and you do have the chance to play the game again. The more you play, the wiser you become!

Berryville Library has created two more stations that will challenge you to show off your own STEAM and science skills!

Microscope station at Berryville Library

Mission: Microscope challenges you to use a microscope to look at stuff. We want you to look at big stuff and small staff; human-made stuff and natural stuff; stuff we collected and stuff you just pick up! Never used a microscope? No worries, the station shows you how and has all the supplies you will need to get lost in your own lab session for a little while!

Nature Station set up at Berryville Library

Mission: Nature Station challenges you to conduct an observation study of a natural space. Again, we have all the stuff you need (even the garden for you to find the space you want to study and an instant camera for you to grab a picture of it). You will make your very own journal and then use our tools to study all the living creatures in your space. What does that bug look like under a magnifying glass? Can you identify it? Is it there every time you visit? The more curious you are, the more you will see and discover.  We know this to be true!

The Berryville Library is located at 104 Spring Street.  Call (870) 423-2323 for more information about the exhibits located in Berryville.


Green Forest Library is proud to host the Wonder World kiosk that is part of the national travelling exhibition.

The Wonder World allows you to explore our planet like never before. Choose to see how storms develop, what the earth looks like from outer space, and more on this interactive global display. There’s lots you can explore so you may want to stop in more than once to see our planet come alive!

Green Forest Library has also created two more stations that will challenge you to show off your own STEAM and science skills!

Mission: Maker challenges you to create the longest paper chain you can using just one sheet of paper. What direction should you cut your strips of paper? How long? How wide? Experimentation is required as your first thought might not be your best thought! Special prize for the person who creates the longest chain during this exhibit!

Mission: Destruction challenges you to engineer a simple structure that can withstand an “earthquake.” The twist? It must be made out of all edible materials. The prize? You get to eat it after you have tested it out. All supplies are provided and, no worries, the food is fresh and clean. Only your hands will touch it!

The Green Forest Library is located at 206 E. Main Street. Call (870) 438-6700 for more information about the exhibits located in Green Forest.


We have a special tween challenge for this exhibit.  Complete a “Mission Card” at 5 of the 7 stations and earn a special badge.

This is a  one-time only chance to earn this badge that you will be able to keep forever to prove to everyone that you ARE truly super curious!

All who start the challenge will get a special membership card to the ExperiMentals. This exhibit is just the start. If you are between the ages of 8 and 13, you will want to be part of this special group. Go by the library to join the ExperiMentals today!


We can’t take credit for all the work that went into making this exhibit.  Here’s thanks to those who did make it happen!

The STAR Net STEAM Equity Project is offered by the National Center for Interactive Learning at the Space Science Institute (NCIL/SSI), the American Library Association (ALA), Twin Cities PBS (TPT), Institute for Learning Innovation (ILI), and Education Development Center (EDC), with funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF).

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