February Program Calendar

Posted on February 1, 2024

It’s always the right time to make some fun memories with family and friends! The library can help.

Need more information about any of these programs or any of the services the library provides? Contact us via phone, Facebook, Instagram, email, or in person.

It’s the right time for board games!

In February, we urge you to make time for board games. There may be no easier way to get people gathered around and laughing than with a board game. Did you know that there is documentation that people have been playing board games for thousands of years?  Today, the Board Game Geek website has a database with over 100,000 different board games. There is truly a board game for everyone – we hope you find a new favorite this month!

This is part of our Make Time to Play campaign! Swing by the library anytime to pick up your February bingo-style FUN Card. If you complete all the activities for a blackout on your card and present it to us at the library, you’ll receive a special, one-of-a-kind prize. The more FUN cards you complete this year, the better chance you’ll have to become the Play Champ of Berryville.  Only  one will be crowned! (And there is a trophy😊)

It’s the right time for a family movie night…with a twist!

Memories aren’t made by sitting back, memories are made by stepping up and into the fun. That’s what an interactive movie kit does. It provides a script with instructions of things to do or say when certain things happen in the movie, along with all the props needed to complete these actions!

For example, in Finding Nemo every time you see the big shark in the reef, get up and run around your chair yelling “AGHHH SHARK!” or when Marlin tells Nemo to brush his teeth, eat a mint.

Each year the library offers interactive movie kits for just three months (December through February), featuring three different movies each month.  February’s movie kits are the last for this season and feature Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Pokémon: Detective Pikachu, and Princess Bride.

Make plans to come in and check one out soon!

It’s the right time to get ready for the 2024 Great North American Solar Eclipse!

The eclipse is coming on April 8.  Berryville will be in near totality (98.8% to be exact). Arkansas is expecting more than a million visitors on that day! Now’s definitely the time to find out what the big deal is and what you will be looking at.

Plan to drop by the library on Saturday, February 17, any time between 10 AM and 2 PM for Sungazing 101. Learn more about the path of the April eclipse. Learn how to look safely at the sun. Practice looking at the sun with sunoculars and a solar telescope. And get your own pair of free eclipse glasses!

Can’t make it on the 17th? Stop by the library any time this month to look at our special eclipse display!

It’s the right time to make ALL your late fees disappear!

It’s a Lucky Leap Year! The library has a special offer for all those with late fees on their library accounts.  You can make them disappear in three easy steps:

  1. Come into the library any time on Thursday, February 29;
  2. Tell us you are here to claim your LEAP YEAR LUCK;
  3. Watch as we waive all the late fees on your account giving you a fresh start for another four years!

Please note this offer is only good on February 29 and that the library card holder must be present in person to have the fines on that account forgiven.

Questions about any of this?  Call or stop by the library!