Christmas Cheer Challenge

Thanks to two Secret Santas, it’s a wonderful time to raise $10,000 for the Berryville Library Building Project.

Watch, spread, and give cheer as part of the 2021 It's a Wonderful Life Cheer Challenge!!

Tis the season for a Cheer Challenge!

We need all willing elves to sign up today. You can participate online or on paper.

Download and log into the Beanstack app or click the Beanstack logo below for the online version.

Click HERE to see the paper version.

How does this work?

Watch cheer.

  • Watch Christmas movies.
  • Any movie set during the holidays with a reference to Christmas counts.
  • Each person watching can count it as a movie.
  • Record the title of the movie in the app or on Santa’s Movie List.

Spread cheer.

  • Do something nice for someone else.
  • Any act of cheer or good will counts (but we have lots of ideas for you in the app or on the Cheer Checklist).
  • Every act (each individual card sent, or hello said, etc.) counts as a bit of cheer.
  • Record your bits of cheer in the app or on your Cheer Checklist.

Give cheer.

  • Report your numbers to the library.
  • Report online or on paper – both count the same.
  • Every bit of cheer you report earns $1 for the new library!
  • Every bit of cheer you report earns you 25¢ in OOPS credit!

Cheer for us! Cheer for you!

For every bit of cheer you report, $1 will be donated to the Berryville Library Building Fund, up to $10,000. Thank you, Secret Santas!

For every bit of cheer you report, you will earn 25¢ in OOPS credit, up to $20. That’s $20 of library fines you can make disappear!

The countdown has begun!

We have just 37 days to create 10,000 bits of cheer so we need everyone to start watching, spreading, and giving cheer now!


Please contact us via phone, email, Facebook, Instagram OR come on in.  We are open 7 days a week.

The more cheer, the merrier! Merry Christmas to all!