April Program Calendar

Posted on April 1, 2024

April is Citizen Science Month, the perfect time for everyone to play around with science.

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April 8 is the big day. Nature’s big show in Berryville will start just after 12:30 PM, peak just before 2 PM, and end just after 3 PM.  Let’s hope for no clouds!

At the library, we have informational handouts from both NASA and the Arkansas Department of Emergency Management as, if you haven’t heard, big crowds are expected in those parts of Arkansas in the path of totality.  That’s not us (we are at 99%) but we are so close that some of the traffic or other possible logistical snafus could affect us.

We also have free eclipse glasses.  Come on in and pick up as many as you need for your family!

Online, there is a lot of information.  But, to save you time, here is a link to NASA’s site with all things eclipse explained and explored in detail.

And citizen scientists are definitely needed during this eclipse (clouds or not). Find out all the different ways people are being asked to contribute to scientific knowledge HERE.  But just to whet your appetite, here are some of the projects you could be part of:

  • You could record sounds before, after, and during the eclipse to help scientists monitor how the eclipse affects wildlife by participating in Eclipse Soundscapes.
  • With just a thermometer and a cell phone camera, you could help monitor the temperature and cloud coverage during the eclipse working with NASA’s GLOBE Observer program. (This is something you can help with even when there isn’t an eclipse!)
  • You can help scientists learn more about the true shape of the sun by being part of the Sunsketcher project.

Whatever you do, come on in and tell us how you survived the Great Solar Eclipse of 2024. All coming in to share an eclipse tale by April 15 will earn a special treat.

You don’t need an eclipse to have fun playing around with science. The chance to experiment or be part of bigger scientific explorations is available any day of the year. Do science on your own (you are conducting an experiment even when you just substitute an ingredient in a recipe) or join in on a bigger project.

Looking for easy, fun ways to get involved in scientific research?  Scistarter is for you!

Want to just have fun with science on your own?  Complete our April FUN card!

The library can help you learn how to eat healthy and grow healthy food, too.

Learn All About Food & Waist Management, a special three-session workshop, will be offered Monday evenings starting April 1.

Led by Diana Shiell, retired nurse and life-long advocate of good nutrition, each session will focus on presenting lots of food for thought while leaving plenty of time for questions and answers. Specific topics are:

  • April 1:    Macronutrients & You
  • April 8:    BMR not BMI
  • April 15:  All Those Diets

Berryville Grows, our little free seed library, will have plenty of tomato, bok choy, greens, tomatillo, as well as a few flower seed packets to hand out this month.  Did you know there are over 10,000 varieties of tomatoes?  We don’t have that many, but we are sure to have a few you haven’t heard of before.  Come on in to get your free seeds today!